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Since 1996, the Jorgensens have developed a wide variety of honey, jams and jellies all hand-crafted by the Jorgensen's.
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Welcome To Jorgensen's Apiary

Some might call it love at first sight…others would say for Walter and Linda Jorgensen, it just had to bee.

For Walter and Linda, it was a trip to the Lorain County Fair and the Lorain County Bee Barn which touched off a romance with the little flying honey producers that eventually blossomed into the Jorgensen’s Apiary.

walter--linda-jorgensenBoth remember an interest in bees when they were children, but that trip to the fair put them on the path to developing one of the most novel businesses in Northeast Ohio.

It started as a hobby--Linda was working at a bank, Walter at a foundry. They began with two hives of bees…it grew to four hives…then to 16 hives…to 30 hives…40 hives…and to full-time jobs for both Linda and Walter.

Wide variety of products

Since 1996, the Jorgensen’s have developed a wide variety of honey, jams and jellies for farmer’s markets and shows. In 2004, they opened their store in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. But they still offer and display their products at area farmer’s markets, fairs, and craft shows.jorgensens-store

The product line is truly amazing. Today you can buy the traditional honey products such as the jams and jellies but you will also find beeswax-based candles, soap, hand creams, lip balms, deodorants, melaleuca oil, skin care products, insect repellents, massage oil and “honey dust.” Many contain natural by-products from their own home-grown fruit and vegetable gardens.

Today, each of these products, still hand-crafted by the Jorgensen's, can be purchased on-line at this web site.


                                                      IT JUST HAD TO BEE!
                                                     little bee