What Is CBT Psychotherapy?

Many people have heard of CBT Psychotherapy and wonder exactly what it is. CBT or Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that will focus on how the person thinks, perceives, believes and feels during certain times. This includes anxiety, depression and a few other disorders. It gives people new coping tools to deal with the various problems that life throws at them.

London Private Psychotherapy of this kind can give the person a lot of relief in their overwhelming issues by breaking the stressors down into manageable portions. One key is that it teaches the person to stop stressing over the issue and focus on each aspect of the issue in an effort to deal with it in an appropriate manner.

The therapy teaches the person that thinking realistically without negativity will allow them to properly respond to the challenge that life is throwing at them in a far more effective way. According to research, this is an effective method of therapy for depression, anxiety, and for those who struggle with panic disorder. However, many illnesses and dysfunctional behaviors will require more intensive therapy.


A successful London CBT Psychotherapy session will include healthy collaboration between the patient and the counselor. The therapy will also require clear identifiers of the issue and the patient will have to establish goals and communication skills. They will work back and forth with the therapist regarding feedback, reality checks, as well as homework assignments wherein they, practice their newfound tools.

The focus in therapy will be to grow and learn through their daily experiences and to apply their newfound techniques to their daily activities in an effort to redirect their thoughts and ideas so that the depression, panic disorders, and anxiety are relieved. The patient will learn to manage these on their own without the aid of medications or the therapist over the course of time.

Cognitive Behaioural Therapy and Mental Health

Originally founded over 40 years ago, CBT was used in treating depression. Today, there are many CBT models that are being utilized in the mental health profession. They are used to treat not only depression but also PTSD, generalized anxiety, phobias (including social phobias), childhood depression, marital conflict, substance abuse, bipolar conditions, borderline personality, dental phobias, eating disorders and more.

The goal of the therapy is to teach people how to break down the situation into smaller, more manageable portions and deal with them accordingly. Research has shown that CBT is more effective than many medications. It works well for treating insomnia and other issues wherein thoughts, and ideas or beliefs play a role. It teaches the patient to be the author of their own destiny in that they can identify the issue and change the outcome by how they deal with the challenges of how they view the situation.

CBT Treatment

CBT works just like when a person who can’t see puts their glasses on. It changes the outlook and gives the person another perspective on the situation. It alleviates the errors of thinking such as jumping to conclusions and always thinking the worst. CBT Psychotherapy changes the perspective of the situation and gives it a more positive outcome.

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